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Hour Contract

Daily Contract

Monthly Contract

Monthly Contract

Type of service
Baby-sitter Service
Live in
Live out
Working time
24 Hours

10 hrs per day

Service fee
Up to the ability &
experience of the staff
Family Provision
3 meals or pay
150 baht per day
lunch or pay
50 baht/meal

- Payment in advance before 3 rd of each month
- First contract paid 1,000 baht for service fee

Holiday & Vacation

once a week
(24 hrs)

13-14-15 April
1 May
(Labour Day)
30-31 Dec.,
1 Jan.

once a week

13-14-15 April
1 May
(Labour Day)
30-31 Dec.,
1 Jan.
Job description
- Monitor and boost the Children's growth and development., I.Q., E.Q.

- Take care of the Children's physical and mental health for quality of life

- Take care of the Children's hygiene.

- Entertain Children's such as playing, singing, dancing, reading, story telling, etc.

- Cleaning toys and baby's accessories.

- Prepare and feed baby's food and milk

- Change diaper & washing, ironing baby's cloth

- Cleaning and sterilizing milk bottles

Baby - sitter and Maid Services.

by Well trained & Experienced staff from Paninun Boriruk School
Monthy, Dail, Hour Contract

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