Geriatrics home care services

Hour Contract

Daily Contract

Monthly Contract

Monthly Contract

Type of service
Geriatrics care
Live in
Live out
Working time
24 Hours

10 hrs per day

Service fee
Up to the ability &
experience of the staff
Family Provision
3 meals or pay
150 baht per day
lunch or pay
50 baht/meal

- Payment in advance before 3 rd of each month
- First contract paid 1,000 baht for service fee

Holiday & Vacation

once a week
(24 hrs)

13-14-15 April
1 May
(Labour Day)
30-31 Dec.,
1 Jan.

once a week

13-14-15 April
1 May
(Labour Day)
30-31 Dec.,
1 Jan.
Job description
- Take care of the Elder's physical and mental health for quality of life

- Take care of the Elder's hygiene.

- Entertain Elder such as go shopping, singing, dancing, reading, etc.

-Take care of Elder's environment and accessories.

- Prepare and feed Elder's food and/or food for specifically disease such as D.M., H.T., etc.

- Change diaper & washing, ironing Elder's cloth

- Special care services such as N-G tube feeding, gastrostomy care, Colostomy care, insulin injection, tracheostomy care etc.
Baby - sitter, Geriatrics Home Care and Maid Services.

by Well trained & Experienced staff form Paninun Boriruk School
Monthy, Daily, Hour Contract

Geriatrics Home Care & Medical Supply

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